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Choosing Montessori: From Parents Who’ve Been Around The Block

There are literally thousands of testimonials from parents about why they chose, and continue to choose, Montessori education for their child(ren). Now, not all of those testimonials will apply to your family, of course. Each family has unique needs factored into their decision making. But there are some similarities between the testimonials; common threads that seemed to pop up again and again. So pay attention, if the following is important to you, then you might just end up being one of the satisfied parents of a Montessori education.

  1. Montessori is more than a school. Since the Montessori method can start much earlier in a child’s life than traditional schools, many parents express gratitude that the guides and the classrooms became a second home to their children. Denise was looking for a new preschool for her daughter, after choosing Montessori she said, “When you put your child in a school program, and they’re there all day long, those teachers are helping you raise your family.”

  2. The right environment. Anyone who’s looked into a Montessori education knows that the classrooms feel different. Better. Sandra put it this way, “A warm, welcoming environment, a place where I felt my child was safe.”

  3. Creating Independence. Maria Montessori taught, “The child must be given activities that encourage independence, and he must not be served by others in acts he can learn to perform for himself. No one can be free unless he is independent.”

Parents begin to notice this refreshing independence soon. Prageet, a Montessori parent, says, "Our son started when he was 16 months old. Over the past 9 months, he has gained the skills of toileting, dressing himself, focusing on the activity he is engaged in, communicating his needs, and eating independently. He tries to help with a lot of household chores such as cutting fruits, cleaning windows, preparing the dinner table, (and) making the bed, which shows that he is becoming more independent with each day.”

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