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Castle Island Bilingual Montessori: Simply Educating Better

Have you ever wondered if another school might fit the needs of your child better? Have you ever wondered if a curriculum could be tailored to your student? Well, there is. And it’s called Castle Island Montessori.

Walking through Castle Island Montessori will feel immediately different than walking through other schools. Castle Island Montessori is a fully immersed Spanish and English school. Classes are guided by two teachers, one presents individualized lessons in Spanish and the other in English.

You’ll see things are different at our school as well. Our small furniture accommodates small students, children work on puzzles spread out on the floor, and there aren’t rows of desks facing a whiteboard. That’s because at Castle Island, we fully implement the Montessori method. We allow the child to navigate their education, with guides working alongside them. We provide world-class learning environments designed specifically to foster curiosity.

Our programs are set up in three-year cycles, so classrooms have students within the same three-year age range. Those classes don’t end when the year is up. Children stay with the same teacher for three years, building lasting relationships with the teachers and children of different ages. One of the best parts of being in our elementary classroom is that children learn from each other, master skills, and then help teach their classmates. We know that learning is not linear, and that learners have periods of growth, plateaus, and even occasional regression. In a multi-age classroom, children are more at ease working at their own pace with no pressure of keeping up or being held back by the whole group.

If you were to take a walk outside our school, you might find our students enjoy many benefits of living in a metropolitan area. Our classes regularly take trips to museums, libraries, and parks. It’s one of the reasons we love our location.

Castle Island Montessori wants to show you what we can offer your family. Join us for a tour and meet our staff. Walk through the school yourself and see, hear, and feel the difference. It’s still education, just done better.

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