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Enrichment classes at Castle Island enhances the education experience here to expand the thinking and horizons of children, to connect classroom learning to the world as a whole, and to help each child develop into an independent thinker, doer and community member.

Specials Classes, Excursions (Field Trips),

Guest Speakers & Workshops!

Visual Arts Studio


Early Childhood

30 Minutes Weekly: Thematic Project

Kindergarten & Elementary

90 Minutes Weekly: Instruction & Studio


The focus of Visual Arts Studio is to introduce students to a broad range of art media. The projects we do in the studio have themes coordinating with what your child is learning in the classroom. The best part? Your child gets to bring their work-of-art home to you!

Theater Arts


Early Childhood - Elementary

Talent Show (December)

Bilingual Play Production (April)


Children are invited to develop their talents and to learn new skills in dramatic arts. Guides facilitate stage presence for voluntary performance in the annual talent show, and auditions are held for the annual bilingual English/Spanish children's play. Three months of rehearsals prepare the actors as well as back stage creators to produce a show attended broadly by the community!

Watch our productions which were carried out virtually and filmed for health safety during the pandemic:

Movement with Sports


(Physical Education)

Early Childhood

30 Minutes Weekly

Kindergarten & Elementary

90 Minutes Weekly


The children are guided in the introduction of sports skills while developing their balance, agility, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. They learn game rules, teamwork and working towards their individual achievement.

Castle Island participates in the Fall and Spring running competitions sponsored  by the Just Run Capital Region Chapter.

Movement with Music


(Music and Dance)

Early Childhood

30 Minutes Weekly

Kindergarten & Elementary

1 Hour Weekly


The children are guided in dance introduction with an emphasis on movement rooted in Afro-Latin origins, including Flamenco from Spain and traditional dance from West Africa. They strengthen their gross motor muscles while developing rhythmic awareness and skills moving with music.

The children perform at the annual Talent Show (Dec) and in La Feria de Español  (May).


(Field Trips)

Early Childhood

Fall & Spring Walking Trips 


Monthly Walking Trips


The children curriculum studies are enhanced with their outings into the world. We have access to many enriching places to visit within walking distance in Downtown Albany! Regular trips include:

  • Ladder 1 Historic Fire Station 

  • New York State Museum

  • New York State Capitol Building

  • Albany Public Library - Main Branch & Howe Branch

  • Albany Institute of History & Art

  • Corning Preserve on the Hudson River

  • Radix Center: Urban Agriculture

  • Governor's, Cherry Hill and Schuyler Mansions 


Guest Speakers

(Parent Volunteers Welcome!)

Early Childhood





The children benefit from learning about adult work from volunteers who present their expertise from a broad range of knowledge and skills. These presentations provide a model for children as they learn about a variety work that adults love to do! Guides invite professionals from the community, including current and alumni parents to present their professions or hobbies, providing an opportunity to the children to learn and ask questions directly to the expert.



4-6 Week Sessions


The children in the Elementary Community participate in workshops throughout the year to practice a variety of activities. Here's a sample:

  • Chess

  • Wilderness

  • Knitting

  • Cookie Decorating

  • Gardening

  • Recorder Playing

  • Yoga

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