Beyond the Curriculum

Outings (field trips) in our community to support classroom community studies

                taking place regularly throughout the school year

Movement with physical education, yoga practice, soccer instruction, Just RUN club,

                     and one hour of recess each day

Visual Arts with studio instruction with multi-media

                    and a show at the Empire Plaza Concourse

Bilingual Library circulation and weekly story time. (Dedication event this October 5)

Wilderness Studies with regular opportunities to explore nature in Washington Park

Drama and Literacy with: coffee shop style open mic event in Fall

                                     and a theater production in Spring

Mini-Session Clubs for: Gardening, Chess, and Handicrafts with guest presenters

                                   and outings to learn the basics and explore individual interests

Fería de Español: Científica (2020) annual Fair and Spring Concert in Spanish!

                                Gastronómica (2021)

                                  Artística (2022)

International Peace Day (Sept) & Earth Day (Apr) outreach in the community

Day of the Dead FALL FIESTA, and concurrent Children's Party, Fri, Nov 1 is our annual

                                                  fundraiser and community cultural event

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.


André Gide

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