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Family & Friends of CIBM

Welcomes You!

The Board of Families & Friends is a leadership group of parents, staff and community partners which serves the school by helping to sponsor and coordinate school events, providing feedback to school's board of trustees and administration about our families' interests and priorities, and helping with school fundraisers. 

We believe in the intercultural and innovative approach to education the school offers. Our intentionally inclusive community

is important to us, and we welcome you!

Here, your voice matters and is heard. Together we shape the school's vision towards the school mission.

The Advisors sponsor quarterly Community Forum Meetings. All current and alumni parents and grandparents, community partners, and school staff and leadership are invited to attend!


Contact the Parent Leadership Team:

Family & Friends of CIBM

Courtney Semoff, Current Parent & FFCIBM Co-Chair

Jocelyn Justiniano, Current Parent & FFCIBM Interim Co-Chair 

TBD, Parent Liaison 

Comunidad Amarillo - Early Childhood (Ages 3 - 6)


TBD, Parent Liaison 

Comunidad Azul - Early Childhood (Ages 3 - 6)

TBD, Parent Liaison 
Comunidad Verde - Elementary (Ages 6 - 12)

"You are joining more than a school, you're joining a school family!
The small size means there are many opportunities to come together as a community and celebrate the children's achievements.
The children also develop close bonds across age groups, providing opportunities for them to mentor and to be mentored."

Olivia, Parent, age 10

Wynantskill NY

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