3 - 12 Years

Themed Two-Week Sessions

Spanish Immersion Fun!


ELEMENTARY ages 6 - 12


Full Days: 8am-5pm

$499  2022-2023 Enrolled Student Rate

$599  Community Camper Rate

Half Days: 8am-12pm

$399  2022-2023 Enrolled Student Rate

$499  Community Camper Rate

June 27 - July 8   



Cooking & Baking / Cocinar y Hornear

Basic and fun food prep with individual stations for health safety. Recipes are peanut free and eliminate any other food allergies that campers may have. Children learn to prepare salads, mini-pizzas, and cookies, as well as traditional recipes from Latin America!


Coffee Shop Business

This is the time to show off your cooking skills.
This camp will be the best time to learn more
about cooking and baking your favorite dishes
and prepare new dishes from Latin American
countries. All recipes will respect children's
individual dietary needs. Let's start our summer by
learning the skills of the kitchen, and preparing the basic needs of a business including marketing, budgeting, presentation, etc. [The children will sell the products to parents for tickets to play for raffle prizes.]


July 11 - July 22     



Gardening & Plants / Jardines y Plantas

Let's start the summer off with our hands in the soil! Campers will enjoy potting plants to take home, watching bean seeds grow and making mini-forest gardens! 


Nature Exploration

Description coming soon!

July 25 - Aug 5   



Soccer, Zumba & Yoga / Fútbol, Zumba & Yoga

This is the camp for your active child! We are going to keep moving with soccer, yoga, and Zumba! There will even be a 'splash day' with water play! This exciting camp will wrap-up with a friendly soccer match at Washington Park.


Soccer, Zumba & Yoga

This is a camp to show your athletic, flexibility,
and dance skills. During this camp, children are
going to practice their football soccer skills and play a friendship tournament.

Aug 8 - Aug 19   



Bugs & Birds / Insectos & Pájaros

One week is focused on bugs and the other on observing birds! Children will have fun with scavenger hunts and with creating projects related to insects and the birds of the Northeast Woodlands. Your child will build a bird feeder to take home!


Photography & Movie Making

During this camp, children will be able to learn
more about photography with iPod cameras. It is time to look through the camera and explore the world
outside by taking pictures. Also, be your own movie
director. This camp will let your imagination to
fly by creating your own script for a short film.

[Now accepting iPod donations - used or new!]

Aug 22 - Sep 2      


Games & Puzzles / Juegos & Rompecabezas 

Fun with Spanish while playing outdoor games, board games, puzzles & more! This is a perfect introduction to Spanish for your child and a good way to fill in the gaps between the school year and summer camp schedules!


Magic Tricks & Games

This is the perfect time to learn new magic
tricks and to make your own too. Let your imagination fly by showing your magic skills before the summer
ends. Make and play summer games like board and
memories games too.