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Top Questions and Answers With the Founder

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Since 2012, Diane Nickerson has had the chance to answer hundreds of sincere questions from prospective parents about Castle Island Montessori School. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What do parents say about Castle Island Bilingual Montessori?

Independent. Comfortable. Curious. Happy. Diverse. These are real words used by real parents to describe their child’s experience at Castle Island. Check out some of our favorite testimonials:

“Every single teacher and staff member has gone above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and happy to be at school.”

“At Castle Island our son has a community. He has had the experience of being the youngest in the classroom, where he has watched and learned from his older peers. He has also been the oldest, and had the opportunity to practice being kind and caring for his younger classmates.”

“Castle Island has given our son a healthy space to grow socially and learn to work within a community that is diverse in all regards.”

“It is always such an exciting feeling when he starts talking to me in Spanish without being asked.”

“They encourage him to explore the things he is passionate about (in his case, writing stories). They also provide consistency in the areas that are not his favorites. I can tell that he is being challenged in just the right way.”

“Castle Island understands that children can do much more for themselves--and each other--than we generally assume. My son has become more confident as a result.”

What was your first impression of the Montessori Method, Diane?

“I was amazed. It sounded good to me when I had read about it, but seeing a Montessori class in action showed me how it worked. I cried. I felt very emotional. I wanted this kind of education for my own children and for my own career; I wanted Montessori to be a choice for more children.”

Diane, what drew you into education as a career?

“I grew up thinking all adults were teachers!” (Diane’s parents and their closest friends were all teachers). “As an 8 year old, I thought I'd grow up and be a teacher too, and I was looking forward to it.”

Diane did become a teacher and was particularly interested in creating “an optimal atmosphere for children to feel at home with themselves, their peers, and their surroundings so that they might confidently learn to their full potential.”

What makes Castle Island Bilingual Montessori Unique?

“Castle Island is a completely bilingual school. We provide Spanish and English immersion throughout the day and across the curriculum. Lessons are taught one-on-one with hands-on materials. This model provides the child with concrete meaning of both academic concepts and new language vocabulary.

We are also a metropolitan school, thriving in a beautifully diverse community.”

Does my child need to already know Spanish to enroll in your school?

“Nope! You don’t need to know Spanish to enroll.”

What degrees and certifications are the guides/teachers required to have?

“The lead guides hold a Montessori teacher training credential by age-development level: Early Childhood, Elementary I (1st-3rd Grades), and Elementary II (4th-6th Grades). In addition, the leads and assistants have at least a Bachelor's Degree and some have a Masters in a variety of education related fields such as: Physical Therapy, Special Education, Bilingual Education, Early Childhood & Elementary Education, Secondary Spanish, etc.”

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