Dear friends,

Welcome to Castle Island! 

Now enrolling children ages 3 through 12, we are the only school in the Capital Region to provide a fully implemented Montessori education with dual language immersion in English and Spanish. Castle Island is a nonprofit and independent school, made up of a Board of Trustees, a Board of Advisors, professional teachers, dedicated volunteers, a diverse community of children and families, and me – founding school director.


I love working with the staff and parents at Castle Island where I have the opportunity to observe children growing into their best selves within a Montessori learning environment. I believe that the Montessori pedagogy, a philosophy and method that honors each child, is the best approach to foster children’s independence and confidence while guiding them to make sense of the world around them through exploration and discovery - including acquiring academic proficiency in two languages. 

Children who learn a second language in an immersion school have increased mental flexibility and creativity as well as stronger logic skills. Castle Island's students benefit from individualized instruction within a collaborative classroom environment. Here, the students' lessons facilitate language fluency with concrete and self-correcting hands-on materials.


Castle Island’s trained and credentialed teachers are the foundation of the bilingual Montessori education we provide; enriching our students’ academic and social growth through a carefully and thoughtfully prepared learning environment. The children who attend Castle Island emerge with ease as learners with mastery in 21st century skills:

  • interpersonal communication

  • deep concentration

  • peace education

  • environmental sustainability

  • intercultural collaboration

  • problem-solving innovation


As our enrollment continues to grow, our school is growing too! Now in our sixth year, our vision is to expand the classrooms at Castle Island to encompass a full program for children from Early Childhood (age 3) through Adolescence (age 13) as we relocate soon to a permanent facility to house the school's growth. 


Registration for 2020-2021 enrollment is open:

  • Early Childhood: Prekindergarten (ages 3 through 4) and Kindergarten (age 5)

  • Elementary (ages 6 through 12)


Castle Island is an inclusive, innovative, and intercultural community! I invite you to visit our bilingual Montessori classrooms so that you can observe first-hand what children can do at our school. Whether you are a community neighbor, partner supporter, or prospective parent, please contact me directly to schedule your personalized tour.


I look forward to meeting you,





Diane M Nickerson

Founder and Director

Diane M Nickerson, Castle Island Founder and School Director, with her son, Alberto (Beto) Feliz Nickerson, founding Castle Island student. 

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Castle Island Bilingual Montessori is an independent school and does not discriminate in our enrollment policies on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nation or ethnic origin.