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We have taken several precautions to prepare for health safety and to prevent the spread of illness at school. Thank you for adhering to school health safety protocols for the well being of the entire school community!



  • Guideline Adherence CIBM follows all guidelines set forth by the Albany County Department of Health and the New York State Education Department Office of Religious and Independent Schools (See button above for the pdf document)

  • Ventilation There are high-capacity medical-grade air purifiers with HEPA filters (replaced every 6 months) in each school space: classrooms, after care, art studio, reception, etc

  • Meal Seating Classroom tables and folding tables provided, so that children eat six-feet apart

  • Mask Straps Each child provided with a mask-strap to keep their mask from falling on the floor

  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Furniture, floors and bathrooms are deeply cleaned and disinfected weekly, including classrooms, After Care, Art Studio, etc

  • Communication Responsive, clear and concise announcements, notices and messages are exchanged between the school, staff and parents via multiple modes: email, vCita (parent portal), automated SMS, phone, and Zoom or, when possible, face-to-face meetings




  • COVID-19 Vaccination All staff are vaccinated

  • Clean Hands Ensure that each child use hand sanitizer after each activity and wash their hands with soap and water before and after meals and a sneeze or cough

  • Disinfected Touch-Points Use non-toxic disinfectant to wipe down touch-points daily

  • Cleaning Wash and disinfect tables and chairs before and after each snack and lunch  



  • Daily COVID At-Home Screening & Temperature Check Check child’s temperature and for any symptoms daily before arrival to school

  • Clean Cloth Mask A clean and labeled cloth mask each day for your child, and at least two extras kept at school

  • Restricted Travel As required by New York State

  • Illness Policy Adherence See flow chart below: